Eating Properly Energizes Your Mind, Body and Spirit!


Sport and exercise nutrition will help you develop better eating habits to fuel your needs and give you greater energy.  The nutrition coaching service is also available through phone consultations and with communication by email for clients who are local residents as well as clients located relatively far from Toronto and its surrounding cities and it’s also available for clients located outside of Canada.

Our service includes:

  • Nutritional Analysis
  • Customized Strategies To Help You Eat Better
  • Eating Properly for Specific Goals such as Fat Loss, Lean Muscle Gain, Athletic Performance, Better Daily Energy and so on.
  • Vitamin and Supplement Recommendations
  • Educating You To Better Understand Your Nutrition Needs
  • Grocery Buying and Grocery Store Tours
  • Review of Food and Other Items In Your Kitchen
  • …and More.

Let’s energize your mind, body and spirit and enhance the results you desire!

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Sport and Exercise Nutrition September 10, 2013