It’s Simply About Helping You!

Focus Fitness & Sports was founded in February 2001 and based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Services include in home personal training/ mobile personal training, nutrition coaching and health and wellness services available to and delivered on site at the homes of residential and at the businesses of business clients in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Extensive years of experience, relevant and current education, training and skills ensure you’ll get the help to do what you need help doing.

3 Keys To Your Success

Success is definitely in you!

To realize the success you desire, there are three keys that will determine the degree to which we succeed in doing what you need to do:

  1. Focus – To achieve the outcome that you desire, we must focus on the BEHAVIOURS that are necessary to achieve your desires.
  2. Commitment – The degree to which you commit to what you need to do will have a significant impact on the outcome.
  3. Consistency – From Eating properly, to exercising, to rehab or conditioning, consistency elevates your degree of success.

We understand that what you want to do can be challenging; that is why we do what we do. Whether it’s for you, your company or someone close to you, we’re ready to help you do what you need help doing.

Focus. Commit. Succeed.
Enhance your Body. Enhance your Life!
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Stephen Bada,

Founder, Kinesiologiest, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Sport and Exercise Nutrition Coach

Stephen’s approach to fitness is simple: eat properly, keep active and maximize life. He draws upon his extensive experience in fitness consulting, personal training, sport and exercise nutrition, athletic conditioning and coaching to the greatest benefit of his clients. Utilizing different methods and variables are effective strategies that he uses to help clients achieve their goals. Stephen does not accept the words “I can’t do that” because he knows that we all are able and capable of achieving goals we set for ourselves. The success that is in you, your organization or someone close to you can be unleashed with effective coaching. Stephen will motivate you to achieve more than you believed possible. He’ll will help you feel great about yourself as you progressively meet and exceed even the highest expectations; your own!


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